Teaching Your Child Virtues


My kids are all very young (my oldest is just starting kindergarten this fall).  I have tried as a parent to teach them the kind of character that God wants them to have through reading their Bibles with them and leading by example. However, I was convicted the other day about how much I pray for them to have those virtues that God’s word teaches us to strive toward. I can use all the tools that God has given us as parents to help them learn how to live and follow God’s will, but ultimately He is the One who puts it on their hearts to do something. I can only hope that I have given them the instruction and tools necessary to desire to be in God’s will with their lives. I found this on Pinterest (a place I am constantly reminded how much time I don’t have on my schedule), and it really made me think about my prayers for my kiddos.  I want to spend some time each week praying these verses over my kids and just see what happens. I’ll be posting throughout this time of prayer for each of my kids so check back as I share what God is doing in their lives as well as mine.

What ways have you taught your kids how to live as God intends us to?


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