Ok, so satan has a way of attacking when we get ready to do something great for God.  I truly believe that we have a spiritual battle that we fight daily for our kids.  My 4 year old, (going on 24) has had this attitude lately that she is entitled to whatever she wants.  Now, don’t get me wrong, as adults we do the same thing.  That is one reason our national debt is so large.  We don’t want to EARN anything, but want it all given to us.  My husband and I have been trying to figure out a way to change her heart when it comes to this.  I mean, she is our princess, but we don’t want her to actually know that. 🙂

I have sought out wise council from some dear friends of mine, and what do you know, one of them told me to pray for her, with her, and over her.  It’s funny how God bring things back in front of you if you don’t get them the first time.  As I looked over these verses to pray over my children, the first one that I really wanted to pray about was #30, gratitude.  I thought, that is exactly what she needs right now.  However, being the rule follower that I am, I decided to do these in order.  I was amazed at what God showed me next.  The very first thing to pray for is their salvation.  My 5 year old (almost 6) son has already made the choice to follow Jesus and for that I am forever grateful.  Our youngest is about to turn 1, so he’s not to the point of understanding all of that, but the middle child is at the age where it is uber-important for us to make sure she understands God’s gift of salvation.  She is a little sponge, and because she’s been spoiled (mostly by grandparents- with a dash of mom and dad thrown in), she is soaking up the gimme disease.  My prayer is that she will understand that when we have asked Jesus to be the one we follow, that we realize we don’t deserve anything but death and destruction.  A little deep for a 4 year old?  Maybe somewhat, but not totally impossible to understand.


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