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Family Christmas Celebration


Last year we started a new tradition.  We had families come in for a couple of hours and have fun.  They were given a time to ask a better question than, “What do you want for Christmas?”  They had the chance to see Who Christmas was all about.9780764449062

This year, we needed to keep asking those same type questions.  We needed to give families a chance to take the time out of their already busy holiday schedules and enjoy one another.    So this year, we chose to use Nativity: Lights! Camera! Action! produced by Group.  Basically, you have 2 rehearsed parts in the show, and the rest is all impromptu.  It was a lot of fun, and we had a lot of people on stage that would have NEVER signed up for something like this.  And the best part is they all did a fabulous job!  (Now I just hope I haven’t lost them from ever agreeing to do anything for me again)  🙂

We decorated with an old Hollywood theme, and as families entered the church, they were greeted with a red carpet!  They then had the chance to drink some hot chocolate and eat some yummy cookies, take pictures in our photo booth, watch a video about the myths of the nativity, and create some beautiful ornaments and Christmas cards.  While all of this was going on, our “cast” was back in our preschool hall rehearsing, making costumes, and learning motions to a song.

Once the cast was ready, we gathered everyone in the worship center, and the show went off without a hitch!  I hope that our families enjoyed this time to take a break before the craziness begins, and that they will truly see that God used ordinary people in the midst of an extraordinary situation.  He didn’t bring in trained professionals, or have the best set ready for the birth of His Son, but he did it with the people and the set that fit best.  That was in a stable, with Mary and Joseph, two unprepared participants who played a part in the biggest roles of their lives.