We have all had that time we are dread in Kidmin where we have to hit the recruiting trail hard and heavy. That time of year when people run when they see you coming because they know what you’re wanting to ask. I haven’t been doing this very long but there are some things I have learned even in my short time in Kidmin.

1. Relationships are Crucial
The number one way to get people to jump on board with you and share in the implementation of the vision that God has given you is to build a relationship with people. And not just for the sake of recruiting them to do something for you, but to be able to disciple them and help them grow in their walk with God. Once you’ve gotten to know someone well enough you are able to challenge them by helping them find somewhere to stretch themselves through serving.

Not only are our relationships with other people necessary, our relationship with God is a must. We must be praying for and with our people on a daily basis. Talking with God is the only way we are going to know the steps laid out for us. Until we get that right, nothing else will matter.

2. Preparation is Essential
We are revamping our recruiting trail this year. It will take more work on the front end, but I think it will help out in the long run. We are lengthening our application to be able to find out more about those who are interested in serving in our preschool and children’s worlds. We are going to be hosting orientations before we allow people to sign up so that they can find out what it is really all about. We have a lot of wins to share this year even in the midst of transition and I want people to know that they can be a part of that. We are going to spend more time training new volunteers before they are released into a room to lead kids. My hope is that this will help alleviate some of those who serve out of guilt and don’t stick around for very long. I also hope that even if someone thought they wanted to serve in kids, but realize it’s not for them, we will be able to find them a place to serve somewhere else in the church. I want people to find their niche so that they love what they do.

3.Evaluation and feedback are important.
We are actually starting out recruiting with evaluations. I’m in the process of preparing self evaluations for all of our volunteers that we will begin to walk through. We have a lot of volunteers and most of them I know but some I know better than others. Some would never say a word to me if they were unhappy. They would simply just walk away. I want to find out what their frustrations are and what wins they’ve had this year. Then I want to find out their intentions for next year. I want them to know that my commitment to them is just as important as theirs is to me.

What are you doing to help make the recruiting trail a little smoother this year?


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