An adventure worth taking


Each week we have a select group of people who take up an invitation to go on a crazy adventure. They are working tirelessly to make sure that what they do matters. They tell stories, hear prayer requests, comfort someone who is sad, cheer with someone who had something great happen this week. They teach God’s word and relate it today’s terms. They are serving your kids and mine. They are serving you and me. They are helping us in the discipleship process of our kids’ spiritual walk.

No. They are not always trained teachers. They are not always college professors. They are not always preschool teachers. Some of them didn’t even think that they were cut out to work with kids. But the dared to step out in faith and do what God had simply asked them to do. None of us always feel qualified or equipped but God gives us what we need. They are servants in children’s ministry. They rock babies, share God’s word with 1st graders, they walk through what a prayer life looks like (and do it throughout the week) with 3rd graders and serve alongside 5th graders as they teach them to continue in the process.

They are on the adventure of a lifetime. It has eternal rewards. Don’t you want to join them?


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