Resting in Him


A couple of weeks ago I had gotten to one of those points where I felt like I couldn’t get it all done. My husband had changed shifts at work and it had thrown our whole routine off. I needed a reset button. I took a week off of work so that I could get things at home back in order. I had to get my systems back in place for our new normal so that we could still function and have a few clean clothes to wear and some food to eat. While I would like to say that that week off allowed me the time to get my house in spotless condition, all of my laundry is done, and meals are ready for the next month, that would be a huge lie. Life kept on going, and kids had to be at school and MDO. I definitely made some progress, but I learned something more important during that week.

I had the chance to get to some rest. Not the luxurious just got a massage type rest, but I intentionally slowed down even if just for a week and rested. I spent more time with my kids, my husband, and most importantly with God. It was fabulous. While I had other intentions for my time off, the results were even better.

It has made me realize even in the hustle and bustle of life after my week off that I have to be intentional about how I spend my time.  Now that we have started ball season, that adds that much more to the schedule.  However, it is most important to spend that time with God and my family.  I have to say, behavior has been better, and I feel like I’ve had more patience (not 100% of the time) with my kids.

What have you learned in times of rest?


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